Since 1994.... 

Dry Ice International has provided award-winning solutions streamlining the dry ice industry. 
Dry Ice International is the market leader in dry ice products and dry ice blasting solutions in South Africa.  
Dry Ice International still continues dominance in dry ice markets today as result of the width and depth of our product portfolio, meeting the individual needs of the market.
According to a recent market survey, the proven capabilities and scale of our production solutions, support operations and reliability has positioned Dry Ice International for continued success into the future.
Dry Ice International can deliver dry ice to any destination in Southern Africa.
The current available product range has been developed over a period of 2 decades. In addition, various specialised packaging and storage related product extensions have also been developed with great success to extend the shelf life of dry ice.
Another area of expertise is in the field of Dry Ice Blasting. Services are rendered by making use of a wide range of dry ice blasting machines, which depends on the specific application. Dry ice pellets are manufactured according to the different sizes required and these are of the highest standard in the world. Dry Ice International does not only have the most extensive range of dry ice products available in South Africa, but most of our dry ice manufacturing and liquefaction equipment have been developed and built in-house.
Taking into account our expertise in dry ice manufacturing, enhanced by some of the most advanced equipment and techniques available to us, we are well able to produce superior quality dry ice and maintain a recovery of the revert CO2 gas, well above the world standard.

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