Frequently asked questions (Dry Ice 101):

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a normal part of our earth's atmosphere. It is the gas that we exhale during breathing and the gas that plants use in photosynthesis. It is also the same gas commonly added to water to make soda water.

Dry ice is particularly useful for freezing, and keeping things frozen because of its very cold temperature -78.5°C. Dry Ice changes directly from a solid to a gas -sublimation- in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Therefore it gets the name "dry ice."

How do I handle dry ice?

Use any insulated gloves.

What quantities do you sell dry ice?

Dry Ice International sells dry ice from 1kg to whatever quantities are required.  We only deliver from 20kg onwards.

How much dry ice do I need to keep meat frozen, keep drinks cool etc.?

If you use an average size cooler box you will need 5kg’s of dry ice to keep meat frozen for 4-5 days. For cooling purposes one will use 2.5kg’s of dry ice for every two days. For cooling purposes we suggest you use a Heat-Buster box to regulate the flow of the cold air. This box is available on request and is unique to Dry Ice International. For larger size cooler boxes 25 – 40 litre 7.5kg - 10kg’s of dry ice must be used for the same results.   Click here for more info...

When must I buy the dry ice?

Dry ice should be purchased as close as possible to your time of departure.

How do I store dry ice?

The most effective way to store dry ice is to place it in a polystyrene container and place the whole container in a freezer. Try to fill up all cavities there might be with newspapers as this will prolong the life of the dry ice even more.

How long does dry ice last in a cooler box?

If you have a good quality cooler box it can last up to 4 days. Should you keep the dry ice separately in a Poly container and just refill your cooler box as needed, you can keep it for up to 7 days.

How do I pack the dry ice in the cooler box?

The most effective way to pack dry ice in a cooler box is to place it at the top of the cooler box. If the cooler box is a large box then you can pack the dry ice in the middle of the cooler box also.

How do I create a smoke effect with dry Ice?

Place hot (not boiling) water in a container. Any container can be used. Then depending on the size of the container place the dry ice inside and you will have the smoke effect you are looking for. Do not use a too small container as the water will cool down very quickly and the smoke effect will stop. The smaller the container the shorter the smoke affect and vice versa.

Do you deliver?

We deliver throughout South Africa. We also have retailers and depo’s throughout South Africa

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